T H E R E A L S H I p

Cargo Warehouse

Our expansion to new premises allows us to offer storage for all your consignments whether you are sending items via Courier, Cargo or Sea.

We offer flexibility to combine your shipments whilst providing an efficient service suited to meet today's ever changing business world in a safe and secure environment

  • Inclusive: our prices are inclusive of security, utilities and all maintenance and handling.
  • Flexible storage: we understand how business works. We offer upsizing or downsizing depending on your business needs
  • Affordable storage: we have tailor made packages for you so let us know what your storage needs are and we will work with you to devise a suitable package for your storage and freight needs

If you would like further information about our door to door services or would like to place an order with us. You can Request a quote, or Contact us. One of our experience and dedicated staff will contact you within 24 hours.